Kilogram To Pound and Pound To Kilogram Converter

Convert Kilogram to pound and Pounds to kilogram with this free online converter tool. This tool also provides exact value of the conversion.

Kilogram To Pounds Converter

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Pounds To Kilogram Converter

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We know weight of a object in terms of kilogram. And in some situation we may want to know the weight of the same object in terms of Pounds. Similarly we know weight of a object in terms of pounds and we want to know the weight of the object in terms of Kilogram. Then this KG To Pound Converter online free tool is helfpul.

This online tool converts any Kilogram value to pounds (lbs) value and also it converts any pounds (lbs) value to Kilogram value (Kg).

How to use?

There are two sections in this web application. First section converts kilogram to pound. And the second section converts pound to kilogram. Input your desired value in the appropriate box. It also shows exact value.

People who follow strict diet are in constant need to know the exact values. So this tool is surely helpful.