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Letter Count, Space Count, Word Count, Paragraph Count with this free online tool. Copy and paste your desired text in the box. Or, You can type in the text box. This free online web application counts number of letters, spaces, words and paragraphs of a given text.

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Importance of letter count

Bloggers are restricted to follow contemporary SEO Guidelines. And so they must have to keep their title text, meta description text with in the limit. And also those who tweet on twitter they are also bound to keep their text length with in 160 character. In such scenario, this application helps to calculate number of letters or characters present in a text.

Importance of word count

Word count matters at a great scale to rank a blog article. Suppose if first top ten articles in the search result for a keyword is having more than 2000 words then in that scene no way it would be wise to write an article less than 2000 words. Blogspot and other popular content management software do not offer the feature of word calculation. This character count online web application helps to cound the number of words present in a text. Just copy and paste your text in the box above. Or you can also type in the text box.

Importance of paragraph count

Author always prefer to keep their content in terms of multiple paragraphs. Short multiple paragraphs helps reader to understand the content better and it holds the interest of reader for a longer period of time. With this online web app, you can calculate number of paragraphs present in the text.

Importance of space count

We often unknowingly add multiple spaces in the content. Which not only becomes the prime reason for losing readers fast but also a reason for losing good traffic. So it is better to monitor and count number of spaces present in a text.